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Racial Justice in Fresno

Woven Community is committed to advocating for racial justice in our community. Please consider using your voice to advocate for change by emailing our local leaders and calling for them to adopt policies and programs that will help save lives and promote peace. Below are sample scripts that you can use (drafted in collaboration with Faith in the Valley), as well as email addresses for our city council members, our mayor, and our mayor-elect.

If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Simon Biasell at

Learn about Advance Peace at:


Contact your Local Politicians:

Fresno City Council Members:

Sample Script for City Council:

Dear Councilmember _____________


My name is ____________ , I am a resident of the City of Fresno. As you know, community leaders have worked hard to raise funds for Advance Peace. I believe that Advance Peace is an essential program that has been proven to save lives. For this reason, I implore you to allocate $300,000 in the 2021 City budget to match the funds already raised by the community for Advance Peace. Not only is this the right choice fiscally, it is also the right choice ethically. As our representative I ask you to make the correct decision for our city.


Thank you,

Email for Fresno's Mayor:

Sample Script for Fresno's Mayor:

Dear Mayor Brand,


My name is ____________ , I am a resident of the City of Fresno. Last year, you assured the residents of Fresno that the next police chief would be hired before your term was over. With only months left in your term, it is time to begin the hiring process. More importantly, it is essential that the process include the leaders and organizers of the peaceful rally on May 31st. It is crucial that this hiring decision is transparent and based on the opinion of community leaders and not just government officials. 


Thank you,

Email for Fresno's Mayor-elect:

Sample Script for Fresno's Mayor-elect:

Dear Mayor-elect Dyer,


My name is ____________ , I am a resident of the City of Fresno. Like many others, I was inspired by the leadership that produced the powerful and peaceful rally on May 31st. As our next mayor, I am asking you to seek out a meeting with the leaders and organizers of the rally to start creating an advisory board empowered to change policies that perpetuate systemic racism and injustice in our city.


Thank you,


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