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Sunday Suppers

Woven Community started out as a group of friends--some who grew up in the church, some who did not. Everyone found great value in church, but many were not regularly attending a Sunday worship service. Now this group of friends has expanded into a congregation inspired to find the beauty and richness of Jesus in everyday life--in traditions and imagination, in the church and outside the church, in the expected and the unexpected. A progressive evangelical congregation adapting traditions of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA), Woven is a community that explores something new about Jesus--a safe place to learn, to process, and to grow. We believe that all people are born with the essential dignity and value that comes from being made in God’s image. Woven is a congregation committed to being open and affirming of all of God’s people, inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities. 


Gatherings like our annual Beer & Carols event at a local Fresno area pub every December, monthly meet up dinners at the food trucks at Gazebo Gardens, and quarterly Q&A sessions with people who come from all over our city to speak about their life and career--these shape the culture at Woven that values hospitality and welcomes questioning.


Woven Community has shifted away from our traditional Sunday evening church service format, and is in the process of re-imagining how we connect with and serve our community through Sunday Suppers. Learn more below!


Sunday Suppers

1st & 3rd Sundays | MOTO Deli & Bodega | 5:00pm
1916 N. Echo Ave, Fresno, CA 93704

Woven Community has always been a place where everyone belongs—from the very start in 2013. Our mission is a home to one another, we seek Jesus in traditions and imagination, in the church and outside the church, in the expected and the unexpected. As we continue this mission, we remain committed to overcoming division and creating dialogue from many voices—especially those who are not always invited to the table. This is where a new chapter for Woven begins: with Woven Sunday Suppers.
Earlier in 2021, a task force was formed at Woven to collect feedback from those who do not attend Woven Community, or church at all. This feedback gave us insight into what Woven’s greatest strength is—extending hospitality to all. We are sure that God also welcomes everyone to the table, regardless of origin, practice, race, economic status, or sexual orientation.

At Woven Sunday Suppers, we will create a space for hospitality, community, and reconciliation, rooted in theology, healing, partnering, and empowering. We will curate an experience that allows for community, without requiring the practice of showing up to a church campus. Woven Sunday Suppers will provide a simple meal, and some of the components of Sunday night—a blessing, reading, time for sharing, kids storytime for all ages, and an interview paired with a brief biblical reflection. These components will complement connections around the table and inspire new ways to engage our city. We always want to be adding a seat to the table, just as Jesus did.


Past Events:

  • A Biblical View of Love is Love (WEBINAR: August 18th, 7PM) - Woven Community has always been compelled by our faith to be an open and affirming community. We are hosting two events that express the biblical view of Love is Love. On Thursday, Aug. 18th at 7:00pm, Rev. Simon Biasell will be joined online by fellow local faith leaders to discuss their views on gender identity and sexual orientation. Click here to register for the webinar.

  • A Biblical View of Love is Love (SUNDAY SUPPER: August 21st, 5PM) - Join us on Sunday, August 21st at 5pm for a special Sunday Suppers event. We will have a celebratory gathering at Casa de Tamales in the Tower District (805 East Olive Avenue Fresno, CA 93728). This will be an informal evening to come and support a local tower restaurant by purchasing some delicious food and drinks and being around an open and affirming community. Click here to register for the dinner.

  • Woven Pool Party (August 28th) - Join us for a Woven Community celebration to close out the summer! Bring your swimsuits, towels, a picnic dinner, and join us for a pool party on August 28th at 5:00pm. Thanks to the Reimer Family for opening their beautiful backyard to us and hosting this event!

Get Involved:

  • The best way to get involved and/or stay engaged and connected with Woven in this new chapter is to subscribe to our e-news. Visit our contact page to sign up!

  • We ask for your continued prayer and engagement in what comes next as we continue God’s work of reconciliation and hospitality—right here in this city.

  • We also ask for your financial and volunteer support as we aim to create an inclusive community. Click here to donate online, and contact us to find out how you can volunteer your time and talents to Woven.

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